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Business Date with Dr. Maralani

Founder of Online Business Builders Club

Welcome! My name is Shahram G. Maralani. I am a corporate leader, a business coach and an author with a multi-discipline competence in business and technology.

In this session, you will work directly with me in Ideating, Architecting, and Creating your online business. I use my unique 8A Accelerated Business System methodology as the backbone of the structured in Shaping and Evaluating Business Ideas, Shaping Their Business Models and Processes, and Creating Such Businesses, using state of the art Software Solutions available in the market.

  • Join me to shape your idea for an online business

  • Join me to learn build an online business in no-time

  • Join me to know the tools you need to make this real

My one and only goal will be to show you how you can bring your online business idea into reality in a very short period of time.

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  • How to evaluate your existing and future business ideas against a set of criteria to ensure its robustness and feasibility. 


  • How to setup your business and its physical and digital components to ensure operating a successful online business.


  • How to build your online business and all its components. How to choose the right processes, resources, software and solutions.


  • How to grow your business, how to move from ideas to start-ups, and how to shape an enterprise from your startup.


  • How to enhance your products and services, and market reach. How to add new businesses lines using existing infrastructure.


  • How to grow further and improve your productivity and customer service by automating your business processes.


  • What are the existing software and solutions in the market which can automate your business making it really online.


  • How to add passive revenue streams to business to ensure decoupling your sales results from your sales efforts. 


  • How to outsource your business processes and needed resources and solutions "As A Service" releasing you to attend the core. 


  • You can bring any other question to us. We will ensure to find the right answer and resources who can help you achieve results.

My Gift #1 to You

Building an Online Business is a wonderful way to create a side hustle, which may eventually become your primary occupation. Side hustle has traditionally been used to create additional income. Today, side hustle has evolved to serve more purposes such as mitigation of risk, diversification of your skills and, higher intellectual satisfaction by creating a greater impact.

This book aims to inspire and provide you with a roadmap on how to build an online business from scratch or to bring your existing business online, in a short period of time. This process for solopreneurs and very small businesses can be as short as few days. The recommended blueprints and available off-the-shelf solutions can enable you create and bring your business online sometimes in literally 24 hours.

You will get an electronic copy of the book which will provide you with a blueprint when shaping your online business.

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My Gift #2 to You

Online Business Builders Club (OBB Club) is a membership program for people with passion to ideate, build, and transform businesses using digital technologies. Our mission is to enable consultants and advisors, as well as founders and owners of small businesses to build successful and thriving businesses. We help them understand the possibilities they have in creating digital businesses or digitalizing their existing businesses using available solutions and tools in the market. We educate certified business builders who can make an impact on their lives and the lives of their customers.

The Founder of Online Business Builders Club is Dr. Shahram Maralani who has more than two decades of experience as a Corporate Leader. He is also an Author, Public Speaker, and Business Mentor, helping entrepreneurs establish & digitalize their businesses. His mission is “To help thousands of entrepreneurs shape, and operate online businesses", as part of their portfolio career, or as their main occupation.

You will get a lifetime membership of OBB Club after having your business date session completed.

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Online Business Date

An Irresistible Bundle Offer

Get the E-Book "Build An Online Business In 24 Hours (Updated and Extended Edition)".

Join Dr. Maralani, the author
in an intensive online business strategy session to get your customized online entrepreneurship business build roadmap.

Get your Free Account for a Great Software Suite, and other tools you can use to build your online business, when building an online entrepreneurship business.

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What do you get from The Business Date Bundle Offer ?

Building an Online Business is a wonderful way to create a side hustle, which may eventually become your primary occupation. Side hustle has traditionally been used to create additional income. Today, side hustle has evolved to serve more purposes such as mitigation of risk, diversification of your skills and, higher intellectual satisfaction by creating a greater impact.

The "Online Business Date" is a terrific way to start. You get directly into an intensive session with the author of the book who will help you create a customized roadmap for success in creating the online business of your dream. You will also get a copy of the e-book as well as help to start with Groove. In addition you will be eligible to 30% discount on your OBB Club PRO membership.

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The E-Book
Strategy Session
Start with Groove
Discount On OSC Plus

What You Can Expect?

Start Building Your Online Business!

You are perhaps new to the world of entrepreneurship and trying to figure out if you can and should build a business of your own as a side hustle or as your main occupation. Or maybe you are already an entrepreneur having experience in building, growing, and advancing one or multiple traditional businesses for years and want to build an online arm for your businesses, or you maybe want to build your next venture as an online business from scratch.

"Online Business Hack" bundle offer is designed to help you kickstart your Online Business Build journey. You will get advice on the Business Idea you want to start with. You will also get a customized roadmap on where to start and what steps to take. In addition, you will gain a great amount of insights about available Software Solutions which you can use to build your online business. The book will help you go through all this after the session at your own pace and in detail. Within the meeting you will also be able to setup your Groove Account and start shaping the components of your online business right away.

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Define Your Objective Using A Structured Approach. Prepare for an Intensive Strategy Session Where You Build Your Business Idea and Learn About Its Components.
Join The Business Ideation, Architecting, and Creation Session With The Author Of The Book. Get A Clear Idea of The Options You Have, What Business You Could Start, And What You Need For It.
This Book Aims To Inspire And Provide You With A Roadmap On How To Build An Online Business. Read It At Your Own Pace And Go Trough The Steps To Shape Your Online Business.
Get Help To Start With Groove: A Complete Platform With More Than Ten Applications And Solutions Included In It, Especially Developed For Solo Entrepreneurs And Other Small Entities With Online Businesses.
Join Exclusive Online Solopreneurs Club with 30% Discount: A community Of Entrepreneurs Passionate About Shaping Online Businesses Enabling Them Create Passive Income Streams.

The Tools You Need

To be able to build any online business and to be able to create passive income streams, you need different software and tools. From simple document editors like Microsoft Word or Pages and Image editors like photoshop, to Website builders, Email marketing solutions, funnel builders and Membership sites.

But before jumping into purchasing many different software, talk to an expert to ensure you are not getting more than you need. You want to become an Entrepreneur, not a ‘Tool-preneur’. One of the most powerful software you may want to look into however is Groove Digital's CRM solution specifically built keeping solopreneurs in mind.

Groove Digital offers a suite of online business tools designed for business owners, but without the complexity and the expensive price tag. In fact, it’s quite the opposite, because Groove Digital is not only easy to use, but also free to start with. You will get assistance on getting onboard Groove Digital for FREE, during this Business Date session.

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