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Online Business Hack

Intensive Online Business Strategy Session For Entrepreneurs

Define your objectives in advance, Join a half day intensive Strategy Session with our senior strategist to find a solution for your challenge.

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What do you get from The Business Hack ?

Ideating, Creating, Operating and Developing a Business is a journey for passionate entrepreneurs. Being even before your beginning, or in the initial steps of shaping your business, but also in the more mature stages of further development and enhancement, you are always in need of finding the right solution for your challenge to save time and money. The Business Hack is an intensive strategic and operational offering to analyze your situation, your goals and your possibilities, to create a customized success roadmap enabling you to achieve what you want as an entrepreneur.

Define Your Objective

Define your objective in advance. Leave the work to us to analyze your situation and to come up with potential solutions to your specific challenge as an entrepreneur.

Join Strategy Session

Join one of our senior entrepreneurship business strategy advisors and solution architects to discuss your need and find out best solutions to your business challenge.

Get Solution Blueprint

Use one of our blueprints for business ideation, evaluation, business models, growth strategies and suitable software solutions for your need. You leave the session not with advice, but with an implementation plan.

Use Advisory Support

Follow your progress and get advice during the implementation of the solution via email and get response to your questions within 48 hours. We are here to support you achieve results. We don't sell hours, we sell success.

What You Can Expect?

Solve Your Business Challenge!

You may be anticipating your online business, architecting its physical and digital components, or already assembling all its parts together. You may already have an up and running business and in need of advancing, growing, and expanding it, or automating part of it, or augmenting it with new propositions and new offerings or with completely new business lines.

Using our Business Hack service is a good starting point when you want to find the best solutions for your online entrepreneurship business challenges and decide the next right step to take. Don't feel alone. Define your objective let us help you get there.

Plan Your Session
Define Your Business Challenge Using A Structured Approach.
Let Our Senior Strategists and Technologists Do The Work.
Join a Half-Day Intensive Strategy & Technology Call With Us.
Implement Strategies and Solutions You Learned and Get Results.
Follow Your Progress and Get Advice Over Email.
Stay Connected and Share Your Success As You Go.

My Gift #1 to You

Building an Online Business is a wonderful way to create a side hustle, which may eventually become your primary occupation. Side hustle has traditionally been used to create additional income. Today, side hustle has evolved to serve more purposes such as mitigation of risk, diversification of your skills and, higher intellectual satisfaction by creating a greater impact.

This book aims to inspire and provide you with a roadmap on how to build an online business from scratch or to bring your existing business online, in a short period of time. This process for solopreneurs and very small businesses can be as short as few days. The recommended blueprints and available off-the-shelf solutions can enable you create and bring your business online sometimes in literally 24 hours.

You will get an electronic copy of the book which will provide you with a blueprint when shaping your online business.

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My Gift #2 to You

Online Business Builders Club (OBB Club) is a membership program for people with passion to ideate, build, and transform businesses using digital technologies. Our mission is to enable consultants and advisors, as well as founders and owners of small businesses to build successful and thriving businesses. We help them understand the possibilities they have in creating digital businesses or digitalizing their existing businesses using available solutions and tools in the market. We educate certified business builders who can make an impact on their lives and the lives of their customers.

The Founder of Online Business Builders Club is Dr. Shahram Maralani who has more than two decades of experience as a Corporate Leader. He is also an Author, Public Speaker, and Business Mentor, helping entrepreneurs establish & digitalize their businesses. His mission is “To help thousands of entrepreneurs shape, and operate online businesses", as part of their portfolio career, or as their main occupation.

You will get a lifetime membership of OBB Club after having your business hack session completed.

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  • How to evaluate your existing and future business ideas against a set of criteria to ensure its robustness and feasibility. 


  • How to setup your business and its physical and digital components to ensure operating a successful online business.


  • How to build your online business and all its components. How to choose the right processes, resources, software and solutions.


  • How to grow your business, how to move from ideas to start-ups, and how to shape an enterprise from your startup.


  • How to enhance your products and services, and market reach. How to add new businesses lines using existing infrastructure.


  • How to grow further and improve your productivity and customer service by automating your business processes.


  • What are the existing software and solutions in the market which can automate your business making it really online.


  • How to add passive revenue streams to business to ensure decoupling your sales results from your sales efforts. 


  • How to outsource your business processes and needed resources and solutions "As A Service" releasing you to attend the core. 


  • You can bring any other question to us. We will ensure to find the right answer and resources who can help you achieve results.

Strategize Your Online Business

Our systematic and structured approach helps solopreneurs find the answer to all their questions within our strategy sessions.

Choose The Right Business

One of the major blocking stones on the way to online entrepreneurship is the choice of the business itself. We help you with choosing a business which is suitable for you and your circumstances considering your current occupation, budget, skills, network, and more. We use our unique 8A Accelerated Business System in doing so.

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Create Your Online Business

We help you create and mature your business idea, design its business model, shape all its components, and take the necessary steps to establish it as a concept, in practice and legally. We can assist you to move fast in each of these steps, being up and running in matter of days and weeks, than months and years.

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Reach Out When You Need Us

Business and Personal Development are intertwined. As an entrepreneur and specially if you manage your business next to your main occupation, there are moments you simply want someone with business experience show you the way. We remain your business coach and mentor helping you find the answers to your challenges. 

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Business Expansion

Even new entrepreneurs can grow to a level where they see the potential to expand beyond the market they are serving. We help you evaluate your opportunities and to decide and implement market expansion to other geographies using the international experience of us and of our partners.

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Business Diversification

Operating your business for some time, you will find a moment when everything is functioning as it should. Using your well-established business and customer base, you may want to diversify your products and services or even your business portfolio. We are here to help you transform these ideas to dollars.

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Business Partnership

We help you find the business partners you may be looking for. Working with tens of partners and assisting thousands of entrepreneurs, we are in the best position to match you with potential partners you may seek to strengthen your founding members and partners.

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Start-up Track

Your business idea might be too complex or too ambitious to be built into a small business. But that does not mean you should stop pursuing it. We help you find out the best Start-Up Ecosystems you can join, where you can build, develop, and realize your business idea into a business.

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Get All The Answers

We do not only stay strategic in our strategy sessions! We help you find real solutions enabling you to start today!

Find The Right Web Solution

Any online business starts from a great website, Webshop, and Blog. We help you choose the right technology to build your website and webshop on. We help you learn to run it by yourself. And if you want, we are also here to assist you find partners who can manage your website for you leaving all the time you need to run your business.

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Define Your Social Media Strategy

We help you learn how to create your Business Profile on different social media channels and connect them to your other business solutions. We assist you in learning the fundamentals of social media marketing powering your small business. We can help you learn to manage your social media by yourself or by your assistant.

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Choose The Right Payment Gateway

We help you choose and implement the most suitable payment gateway for your business ensuring each of payment and simplicity for your customers. We assist you to learn the functionalities of each of those and choose the right one for you, so that you can implement the right solution and start getting paid.

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Deploy Marketing Automation Solutions

Creating marketing automation and sales funnels should not be difficult. We help you learn how to use robust, but easy to use marketing automation tools helping create multiple funnels bringing leads to you solo-preneurship or small business to ensure you keep growing constantly.

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Use Chatbots and other AI Tools

Chatbots enable you to be in touch with your customers easier by automating some of the basic support you need to provide them. They can also do that even when you sleep! You can learn how to implement the latest chatbot automations for your business brining you closer to your customers.

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eBooks, and Other Written Media

As an online entrepreneur you want to shape, enhance, and maintain your Personal and Business Brand. You want to do so to create a Position in the market. We help you learn how to write and create professional eBooks and other material which you can use in sharing your message with your audience. We can also help you find partners helping you in creating those.

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Book Publishing

Publishing eBooks and Paperback Books have never been easier. Learning how to write, edit and self-publish your book, is a fantastic way to share your knowledge with your customers. We help you learn how to publish Paperback books, Amazon Kindle or Apple eBooks, helping you position yourself as a go-to expert.

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Brand Identity and Graphic Design

No Online Business can grow and develop without a professional online presence. Graphical representation of your business is a key part in this. We introduce you to high quality and affordable solutions to design all your visual identity and communication elements such as logos, social media templates, email templates and more.

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Another core component in positioning yourself as an authority is your multimedia presence in Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube and more. We help you learn the fundamentals of Multimedia presence in the Online World, and define your strategy in this regard, giving you the necessary knowledge and skills you can use to kick off your online presence.

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Online Business Optimization and SEO

We help you learn how to optimize your website to increase your visibility. You learn the fundamentals of SEO and how to write great COPY to equip you with what you need to drive your growth. Our partners can also manage this process for you, should you wish so.

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Bespoke Solutions

The Software world of today offers bespoke solutions for almost any type of business even for solopreneurs. This removes the barrier of excessive cost and complex development which was necessary for any online business in the past. We help you learn about the best bespoke solution for your niche. Our partners can also help you in developing specific solutions for your need.

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