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Business Creation

We help you create and mature your business idea, design its business model, shape all its components, and take the necessary steps to establish it as a concept, in practice and legally.

Our platform will assist you to move fast in each of these steps to turn your ideas into businesses.

I want to: Start a Business Create a Startup Grow my Business Improve Profitability of My Buiness Design a Business Strategy Automate My Business

Our Services


You come with no idea, or too many ideas, or perhaps you have already found an idea you think is a great one. We help you in all stages of creation, evaluation, and realization of your business idea to shape your functioning business.

Business Ideation

Idea Generation: Our experienced entrepreneurship consultants can help you and your team identify potential business opportunities and generate innovative business ideas through structured idea-generation processes and other techniques.

Market analysis:
 Our team can help you understand your target market, its needs, and the current market trends.

Competitive analysis: Our senior market experts can help you identify and understand your competitors, their strengths and weaknesses, and how to differentiate your business idea to stand a chance to succeed.

Alternative Businesses: Given our vast experience in businesses, business models, business strategies and startups, we can help you evaluate other alternative businesses, which can give you similar or better results with less efforts and investment, snext to your own business idea, so that you can decide with complete knowledge.

Idea Evaluation

Business model creation: Our strategic business design consultants can help you identify the best business model for your product or service and develop a plan for scaling and growth.

Feasibility study: Our economic analysis consultants can help you assess the feasibility of your business idea by analyzing the market, the industry and the resources required to launch the business.

Business Processes and Systems: Our experts have combined business and entrepreneurship experience of more than 100 years. We can help you learn about the most efficient and effective business processes, and technological and software systems giving your business enormous competitive advantage.

Problem solving: Our knowledgeable business problem solving experts can help you identify, define, and analyze a specific problem worth solving, or an opportunity in the market for which you can develop a solution, as your business idea.

Business Realization

Legal Formation: We help you evaluate the best legal form you can use in registering your business in the geographies of your interest. We then help you register the business through our legal partners or your own legal firms.

Banks and Financial Management: We help you evaluate different options for your business bank accounts and financial management solutions you need to choose the best option fitting your specific needs.

Networking: With their vast network, our team, can connect you with potential investors, partners, and other stakeholders who can help you shape and develop your business idea.

Mentorship: Along your whole journey, our team can provide your guidance, advice and support, helping you navigate the challenges of starting and growing your business.

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