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Reimagine Your
Business & Impact

Our passion is Business Strategy and Transformation. Our mission is “To help entrepreneurs reimagine their businesses”, through Transformative Business Models and Strategies.

We enable them Ideate, Build, and Transform their businesses, by using proven Business Strategy Blueprints, and employing robust Digital Solutions.

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Reimagine Your Business & Impact

Our passion is Business Strategy and Transformation. Our mission is “To help entrepreneurs reimagine their businesses”, through Transformative Business Models and Strategies.

We enable them Ideate, Build, and Transform their businesses, by using proven Business Strategy Blueprints, and employing robust Digital Solutions.

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Let Technology Drive Your Business

Our passion is Business Strategy and Transformation. Our mission is “To help entrepreneurs reimagine their businesses”, through Transformative Business Models and Strategies.

We enable them employ robust Software, Digital, and other Technological Solutions, bringing them automation, efficiency, and performances of 21st century.

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We Enable Businesses and Entrepreneurs Ideate, Build, and Transform Their Businesses

We Help You
Find The Way

We assist businesses and entrepreneurs learn all about Modern Entrepreneurship.

We help them learn all about Transformative Business Models, State-of-the-art Strategies, and enabling Digital Solutions

We Support You
Make It Happen

We support businesses and entrepreneurs to find Methodologies and Tools.

We help them in assessing, employing, and deploying the identified business models, and strategies.

We Help You Find Digital Solutions

We help entrepreneurs discover the right Digital Solutions.

We help them learn about transforming digital solutions available in the market which can bring them hugely improved business results.


We Mean Business

Founders early in their Entrepreneurship journey do not have the time and financial capacity to waste on what does not create direct impact. We enable them to Ideate, Build, Operate, and Transform businesses, in an easy, but robust, and structured manner.

We provide a complete pathway from learning, to creating and monetizing their businesses using different build, growth or exit strategies.


We Educate Entrepreneurs

We help you enter the world of Entrepreneurship: learn, touch, and experience the entrepreneurship journey. 

We help you learn the fundamentals of Entrepreneurship, and  how to create and Evaluate Business Ideas. We help you Upskill yourself to be able to create your business.


We Create Ideas

Creating new business ideas, and evaluating both existing, as well as new business ideas, is the most critical step in building any business.


We help you Generate and Evaluate new Business Ideas and mature them using various pathways you can pursue such as bootstrapping, facilitated and accelerated development, and more.


We Build Businesses

As a first-time or seasoned entrepreneur, you may want to understand the world of modern business models and their enabling solutions.

We help you Create or Find the right Business Model for your business. We also help you Learn to Architect Processes and Systems of your business.


We Digitalize Businesses

Most of the modern business models, are enabled by Digital (Software) Components behind them.

We help you choose the best Software and Solutions for your business (ex. Website, Webshop and E-Commerce, Payment Gateways, Email Marketing Automation, Chatbots and other AI Tools and More), and to integrate all the components creating effective Business Processes through Automation.


We Enhance Businesses

When all is in place, comes the question, how you now grow your business from start to its first 10k and then to its 100k and beyond.

Our platform helps you find and implement modern strategies across products, services, geographies, revenue and business models, enabling you grow beyond your imagination


We Remain Your Advisor

At times you may feel quite lonely as an entrepreneur. You need to stay sharp and take the right decisions at the right moments.

We are here to help you Find the best Business Mentors helping you take the right decision and prevent expensive pitfalls. They challenge you, to ensue you stay sharp and always doing something to enhance your business and your Impact


We Buy & Sell Businesses

We provide you a platform where You can look for robust Business Models, Business Build Blueprints, and Growth Strategies you can acquire and use. 

You can even find Existing Online Businesses you may take over saving you the challenges of the early startups. You can also use the same platform to sell your newly developed or existing businesses.


We Start Start-Ups

One of the best ways to ideate and create a modern business, for those with extremely high ambitions, and great business ideas, is to join one of the Start-Up programs across the world.

We here you find out if this is the right pathway in pursuing your ambition to shape your business. We also assist you find the best Start-Up and Scale-Up ecosystems in the world and join them in their facilitation and acceleration programs.

Online Business Build Guide

“Online Business Build Guide” is your kick start to shape an online business. Get this almost 40 pages FREE guide and learn the basics of shaping an online business today.

The key audience of this guide are ‘To-Be Entrepreneurs’ who do want to establish their first business, online from the beginning, either as a side hustle or as their primary occupation, or Solo Entrepreneurs and Small businesses who want to bring their existing businesses online or improve their already online businesses’ performance.

We focus mostly on solutions and recommendations fit for solopreneur and smaller businesses. Download your free copy now and start shaping your dream online business using the state-of-the-art technology at affordable prices.

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We Work With Tens of Great Partners To Ensure You Simply Get The Best Support and Solution








What Our Clients Say


"I had the pleasure of hosting an enlightening AI session at our office, with Dr. Maralani. The insights we've gained about the impact of AI on our industry are truly groundbreaking. We have discovered how AI can help us speed up processes, improve customer satisfaction and provide innovative solutions that truly stand out in the market. This is a game changer for us and our customers! Inspired by this session, we are now more than ever ready to embrace the power of AI and integrate it into our services."

C. Halsinger - Owner, Van Dullink Makelaars.

"I got what I asked for. Full Stop."

"The Business River Team helped me in ideation, and facilitation of shaping my startup. Every single step was described, agreed and planned in full transparency. No surprises. No delays. No shortcuts. I recommend The Business River to everyone who wants to ideate, shape, build, or develop their business or enhance it through strategies and solutions."

K. Zargarian - Founder, NextFit Solutions.

"Amazing Knowledge Source"

"The Business River team has been a great knowledge source. I have not had any single topic I needed to discuss about my business efficiency and profitability strategies that they did not have an answer for. We had a great collaboration, Implementation of the recommendation by The Business River team has been resulting in significant improvements for us."

John M. - CEO, Young Entrepreneur


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