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On this page, we share quick tips about Ideation, Creation, Building and Managing Business. On the other hands our Blog Page will give you access to a range of articles from us and other contributors to the website sharing insights, perspectives, methods, and best practices.

Take the responsibility for shaping the future of your business. The responsibility to create a great future for your business and yourself lies pretty close to you. Look into the mirror!

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Tip 1: Have ever thought what does it take to build an Online Business? or to bring your Existing Business, Online?

If you are a Techie, you know. If not, you are perhaps scared to think about it, let alone touching it. But bringing your business online these days, does take much less efforts than you can imagine. No-one builds websites from scratch anymore. There is no need to code everything from scratch.

There are numerous solutions at your reach which enable you to run a great Online Business with all its components such as a website, a web-shop, online payment gateway, social media channels, marketing automation and more in literally days, not even weeks.

You can use these solutions to role up sleeves and bring your business online yourself or ask experts to help you in setting up your online business in matter of days and not weeks or months. Want to learn more, download our Online Business Build Guide below, or take a look at our resources page here.

Tip 2: Do you know what are the nine components of any business?

You can visualize any business and how it works on paper by using what is called a ‘Business Model’. Business Models are used to be able to visualize the different components of any business and how they work. Understanding such components and their interaction is key to be able to improve and automate any business.

There are usually nine main elements shaping any business: Customer value proposition, customer segments, channels, customer relationships, revenue streams, key resources, key partners, key activities, and cost structure.

Want to learn more, you can read our article here, and, if you have further questions, write to us on here.

Tip 3: Do you know how you can bring your new or existing business online?

To bring your new business idea or an existing business online, you need to decide which components of that business can or should be brought online. Use the Business Model (See Business Tip 2) of your business to identify such elements and their sub-elements. Then evaluate the cost and benefits of bringing each of those elements online. Outcome of such a process is an updated business model which has online components built into it.

Making those changes identified in your real business, is what is usually called digital transformation of your business. Want to learn more, you can read our article here, and, if you have further questions, write to us on here.

Tip 4: Five reasons why you should start doing Online Business

1. Bringing your business online is inexpensive
2. Limitless audience reach
3. Strengthening your company’s image
4. Freedom and flexibility
5. Reliable customer service There are also other benefits to bring your business online.

Want to learn more, you can read our article here, or get our Online Business Build Guide below, and, if you have further questions, write to us here.

Tip 5: Ten Steps on how to build a webshop

1. Choose your niche
2. Name your business
3. Own a domain for your webshop
4. Choose your E-commerce Website Builder
5. Build your webshop
6. Preview and test your webshop
7. Launch your
8. Maintain and enhance your webshop

Want to learn more, you can read our article here, and, if you have further questions, write to us on here.

Tip 6: Top Five Platforms to Build Your Webshop

To build your webshop, you have different ways. You can use one of the “shop builder” platforms or use a “Content Management System (CMS)”. You can also use an expert develop a webshop for your from scratch. Each of these methods have their own advantages. To learn more in this regard, read our Online Business Build Guide below.

Some of the most famous platforms you can use are:

1. Shopify (shop builder)
2. BigCommerce (shop builder)
3. WooCommerce (Plugin to WordPress CMS)
4. Wix Ecommerce (CMS)
5. Jimdo (shop builder)
6. GrooveKart

Want to learn more, you can read our article here, and, if you have further questions, write to us on here.

Tip 7: Have you ever seen and wondered what these abbreviations mean? SaaS, CaaS, PaaS, and so on.

More and more “services” replace “products”. You can these days, for example purchase online accounting as a service instead of purchasing a software license and a computer to install it on. In addition to software, you can also buy Computation power as a Service (CaaS) or a Marketing automation Platform as a service (PaaS). The concept of X as a service (XaaS) can be used both in services towards your personal as well as your business needs. Today you can actually buy literally “Anything as a Service”. XaaS brings lots of benefits among which:

1. Replacing large investments for the users of the service with relatively smaller monthly fees
2. Transferring most of the responsibility for the hardware and software (uptime, quality of service, security, etc) to the provider
3. Flexibility and agility in improvements and adjustments as and when needed
4. Ensuring predictable streams of income for (XaaS) service providers enabling them manage their expenses and operations sustainably

Want to learn more about the role of XaaS model in digital transformation, you can read our article here. If you have further questions, write to us here.

Tip 8: Do you know how Robotic Process Automation (RPA) can help your business?

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is a way for business automation using software. It is due to the nature and the role of RPA that this kind of automation is metaphorically associated to robots. In reality, there is no robot, and it is software that is acting like a robot. RPA usually learns how a user uses the computer to perform a specific task and repeats that using the same user interface as we humans use by simulating mouse movements and keyboard strokes. This is in contrast with regular workflow automation in which the process is built into the software logic removing the need for any human interaction where the computer works for itself for a while before completing the task.

To learn more about RPA and how to benefit from it in your business, write to us on here.

Tip 9: Have you ever considered what Artificial Intelligence (AI) can do for your business?

In computer science, Artificial Intelligence (AI), sometimes called Machine Intelligence, is intelligence demonstrated by machines, unlike the natural intelligence we associate to humans and animals. The term “artificial intelligence” is often used to describe machines (or computers) that mimic “cognitive” functions that humans associate with the human mind, such as “learning” and “problem-solving” (reference: Wikipedia)

Using AI, we can simulate part of what we humans do, to be done by computers. In Tip 10 and 11 you see some examples of what you can achieve using AI. And if you did not already know, you have perhaps been already using AI for some time, without you noticing it.

To learn more on how to benefit from AI in your business, write to us here.

Tip 10: Do you know how a Chatbot can help you grow your business?

An Internet bot, web robot, robot or simply bot, is a software application that runs automated tasks over the Internet. Typically, bots perform tasks that are simple and repetitive, much faster than a person could. (Reference: Wikipedia)

A chatbot is a type of bot, which simulates human interaction with end-users on websites or Apps using a chat interface. A chatbot can perform a conversation with your customer or visitors of your website, just as a real person does. Chatbot can ask questions, answer customer queries and do more either based on pre-defined logic, or using Artificial Intelligence (AI)

To learn more on how to benefit from chatbots in your business, write to us on here.

Tip 11: Do you know how Voice Assistant software may be able to help you create automation and efficiency in your business?

Voice assistances are another great way of using AI technology. Today, you have them on almost any major IT platform: Alexa from Amazon, Siri from Apple, Cortana from Microsoft, Google Assistant from Google, MB from Daimler, and more.

Voice Assistants help users to interact with devices without a need to type as for some devices like mobile phones the typing can be slow compared to a regular computer keyboard or not safe when using them on the go or on devices like Smart speakers where there are no keyboards at all.

To learn more on how to benefit from Voice Assistants in your business, write to us here.

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