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We Help You In All Stages Of Your Startup Ideation, Creation, Establishment, and Progress.

From Ideation of a Business, Identification of the options, and Designing your first Business Model Canvas, to maturing into a Startup Business Case, Finding the right Co-founders and Partners, Joining the right Facilitation and Acceleration programs, we are here to assist you using our knowledge and network. We help you to find out the right pathway in pursuing your ambition, and assist you in all the steps you need to take during this process.

Startup Ideation

We help you create and mature your startup idea, design its business model, shape all its components, and take the necessary steps to establish it as a concept you can present to potential customers, facilitators, and investors. Our platform will assist you step-by-step.

Startup Creation

We help you give life to your Startup Idea by establishing it either by yourself or through joining a suitable facilitation or acceleration program. Our platform helps you in shaping and realizing your value proposition, product-market-fit assessment, and evaluation of the traction.

Startup Development

We assist you in all the steps of further development of your startup. Finding the right ecosystems, co-founders, competences and team members, investors and other funding opportunities, we help you learn all your options to be able to take the right decision.

Pitch Deck Design

We help you learn the golden standards of successful pitch decks. We assist you in creation of a pitch deck which sells your idea to the investors and other stakeholders. If you want, we can also take the load off your shoulders, designing the pitch deck for you.

Business Plan

No business can be explained without a robust and comprehensive Business Plan. We help you in shaping your business plan and in assessing the areas you have gaps. Using our knowledge and network, we connect you to experts in the domain so that you get the highest standards.


We help you find out the best Start-Up Ecosystems you can join, where you can build, develop, and realize your business idea into a business. We help you evaluate pro and cons of each of the players and geographies in this domain and assist you make the right choice.


We help you figure out and define the message and best channels you can use to introduce your Startup to a wide range of potential investors. Using our knowledge and network, you will find partners of us who are able to help you spread your message across the globe.

Terms & Negotiations

We help you in defining strategies and positions for negotiating your startup with potential investors, co-founders or other key members. Given our global reach, we are able to assist you find experts across the world and close to you or your desired markets and geographies.

Company Valuation

We help you learn how to valuate your company. We assist you in all the stages of your journey, providing you with insights and resources you can use to arrive at the valuation and terms that suits you in different stages of developing your startup.


We help define your organization structure fit for your needs. We also help you analyse and find out potential and actual issues causing inefficiency or lack of performance in your existing structure. We help you by thinking differently and challenge you to put the fish on the table.

Due Diligence

We help you in due diligence needed in various parts of your journey. Being it upon negotiations between initial co-founders, or during evaluation of your startup at a later stage, or in a more mature and hence complex part of your journey, we do assist you look at both the big picture and details.

Legal Agreements

Any startup is need of many different legal templates. We help you in drafting your term sheets, convertible notes, NDAs, shareholders agreement, employment agreements and more, to ensure you benefit from the latest practices in the market and keep your interests in mind.

Fundraising Strategy

We help learn and master the strategies behind capital raising. We introduce you to the experts in our network who will be assisting you act like a pro in your negotiations. We will work together with you along the way to ensure you are in the path to success with your fundraising.

Go to Market Strategy

We help your write tangible targets and a robust and no-nonsense process in defining your way to approach your target audience and the way to approach them. We will challenge you so that you can become able to defend your plans powerfully in front of any stakeholder. 

Growth & Finance

We help you identify “key growth and impact drivers” and create the right mindset and approach in defining your ambitions and goals. We also help you put those ambitions into the right prospect through a well-thought and robust financial model explaining your thoughts in real numbers.

Startup Expansion

Almost all successful startups grow to a level where they see the potential to expand beyond the market they are serving. We help you through our platform, evaluate your opportunities and to decide and implement market expansion to other geographies using the international experience of us and of our partners.

Pivoting and Dev.

Every startup will reach to a point to Pivot. And that can happen tens of times. Learning from each pivoting, and developing and even stronger value proposition, product-market-fit and customer traction is an art. We help you learn the skills and the criteria for becoming an artist in the Startup world learning the tones.

Startup Marketplace

One of the proven ways to start a business is to acquire it. Through our marketplace you can seek opportunities to join the founding members and/or acquiring shares in an existing startup. The Business River Marketplace makes it easy to look for various startups with an affordable investment.

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